Friday, 17 February 2017

A Marvelous Micro:bit Afternoon

On Thursday 16th Feb I went along to the National Museum of Computing to show some of my micro:bit projects at their Bytes Festival.   I was sharing a table with the amazing David Whale and Nevil Hunt who also had some fantastic micro:bit demos on display.

If you are visiting the amazing Bletchley Park then do also visit the museum as it’s such a fantastic place and has loads of amazing historical computing items on display.  Follow the links below for more details about both museums

My micro:bit projects on display, I took the Megabit and Micro Simon game along. There was lots of interest in both.


David Whale had some excellent micro:bit demos on display, the teleporting giraffe was a big hit.


Nevil Hunt had some of his amazing zbit:connect projects on display.  To find out more about these amazing boards - click here


Philip Catterall had some really interesting accessible music projects on display, you can find out more about these awesome projects here.


Two British Computing hero's.  David Allen who produced the 1980's BBC Micro programmes and Bill Thompson a leading member of the BBC's Make It Digital campaign. They are in front of the amazing EDSAC Replica Project.

Two British Computing heros

Some more pictures from the day can be found on my Flickr page.

The day ended with a fantastic talk by Bill Thompson about the challenges of the BBC Make it Digital campaign and the BBC micro:bit roll out.

Finally I would like to thank everyone at the museum for making me feel so welcome. I would also to thank David Whale from the Micro:bit Foundation for inviting me along and giving me the opportunity to show some of my micro:bit projects.

On a footnote, the National Museum of Computing have produced a short video of the micro:bit day at the Bytes Festival on Thursday 16 February.   See if you can spot the Megabit.