Saturday, 17 September 2016

CamJam September 2016

I traveled up to Cambridge on Saturday 17th September to attend another excellent CamJam.   I arrived early to help setup, this meant leaving home at an unreasonable hour for a Saturday.   I chatted to several people who had some interesting Show and Tell stuff and looked to see what was on offer in the Marketplace.  Rapid Electronics, PiBorg, 4tronix and Pimoroni were selling stuff, though I didn’t buy anything.

Spencer Organ had his excellent  Raspberry Pi/Arduino timelapse camera on display.  


Philip Organ had his brilliant Raspberry Pi powered Pokemon Pokedex on display.  


Martin Mander had some cool projects on display.

1981 Portable VCR Raspberry PI Media Centre

1970s Raspberry Pi Amazon AlexaPhone
1970s Raspberry Pi Amazon AlexaPhone

Rabbit Pi
Rabbit Pi

The Raspberry Pi Batinator
The Raspberry Pi Batinator

David Saul had his Tempus Fugit WordClock, PI-LCD and PiMUxClock projects on display. 


Albert Hickey had his brilliant buttonflash game on display.


Phil Willis with Fritz.

Laura Trevail had several interesting IoT projects on display.


The Suttles had some interesting Raspberry Pi projects on display.



I helped out with Exploring the real world with sensors workshop. The camjam edukit 2 was provided along with copies of the worksheets so people could try some of the examples.


I only attended a couple of talks, first up

Philip Organ spoke about the development of his Rasperry Pi/Arduino timelapse camera. Next up was Philip Organ who spoke about the building of his Pokemon Pokedex project.  

Finally Jim Darby spoke about using USB on-the-go on the Raspberry Pi from easy add-on to clustering.