Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Thurlby LA160 Logic Analyser

I recently acquired a Thurlby LA160B Logic Analyser. My unit is RS branded and was made some time during the late 80’s. It has 16 data channels and runs at 20 MHz, with various clock and trigger inputs.  My unit came with a data pod, which is a simple buffer. 

Data pod

My unit powers up then LA160B 35 is displayed, which tells me it is a LA-160B and the rom version is 35. Soon afterwards it says ready.  I checked the keypad which responds to the keypresses correctly.

Upon opening the unit up, I noticed that the NiCad battery has started to leak but not badly as there is no damage to the PCB or surrounding components.  I have ordered a replacement 2.4v 150mAh NiMH battery as NiCad batteries are no longer available.

Suspect NiCad battery

Update 11/08/16

I've removed the old battery, cleaned the PCB and fitted the new one. When I powered the unit back on it asked me to "set type", checking the label on the back will tell you which type you have.  I pressed the "B" button and bingo the type is now set.

Old battery removed

New battery installed

Some more pictures of my unit can be found here.
Thurlby LA160 Logic Analyser

I came across this site which has information about these logic analysers.

You can download a copy of the service manual from.