Thursday, 19 May 2016

RasPiO Pro Hat

I recently backed Alex Eames (@RasPiTV) Kickstarter campaign for a RasPiO Pro Hat which is a small add-on board for the Raspberry Pi and is designed to protect and put your GPIO ports in numerical order.   The Kickstarter campaign has been successfully funded so boards are starting to be shipped out, mine landed on the doormat the other day.  

The RasPiO®1 Pro Hat has the GPIO pins connected via a protection circuit to female headers but is also broken out to un-protected connections. There is a small breadboard for prototyping circuits.  The PCB is very nicely made and is complete with gold and white silkscreen text.

I tried out my board using the included RGB LED and a simple GPIOZero Python script. There is well written manual which contains some structured experiments for the included components.

Overall I very impressed with this great little add-on for the Raspberry Pi,  if you want one for yourself then you can find out more on the RasPiO website