Saturday 12 September 2015

CamJam 12th September 2015

On Saturday 12th September I travelled up to Cambridge to attend another excellent CamJam.  I had a good look around the market place as well as some of the show and tell items.

Brian Corteil had his Digital Zoetrope which used 12 oled displays, this was very cool.  He also had a couple of prototype bits from the Digital Zoetrope project on display.

Jarle Teigland had a couple of projects on display, including a Sense HAT, a TiddlyBot robotic kit and a CodeBug which is a cute, programmable and wearable device designed to introduce simple programming and electronic concepts to anyone.

Barry Byford had some interesting Bluetooth projects on display. The tracking Bluetooth beacons showed the signal strength of two Bluetooth beacons depending on how far away they were from the receiving device. 

David Saul had PiMuxClock and Pi-LCD projects on display. The PiMuxClock is basic Raspberry Pi add-on allowing you create a simple digital clock and temperature display.  I brought a PiMuxClock bare PCB from David. The Pi-LCD is simple LCD interface for your Raspberry Pi which has been launched today as Kickstarter project. 

Peter Onion had his awesome LED matrix display on show, it used 4 32 x 32 RGB LED panels connected together running off a Pi.  It was running Tetris.

Phil Willis was showing of the TractorBot which he and Keith entered in the recent CamJam PiWars competition. 

Robin Newman had a Sonic Pi demo on display using an IQaudIO board and a Raspberry Pi DSI touch screen running Sonic Pi controlling Minecraft.

gPiO had their gPiO control box and had some example primary school projects on display.


I had agreed to do some Jam Making, not making Jam but it’s the term used for people who volunteer at CamJam. I helped out with the hacking sessions which were taking in place in the library.  Some Pi’s were setup to allow people to try stuff out and have a go.


I only attended one talk given by Cat Lamin. Cat talked about running Coding Evenings for teachers and non-teaching staff.